The lender guarantee for export-related investments in Norway is suitable for long-term investments in all types of industries.

Companies can receive long-term financing from banks for investments in export-related production capacity in Norway.

Banks can, with a guarantee for part of a loan, expand their lending capacity to their customers.


Who can apply?

The bank applies for the guarantee from GIEK.


When to apply?

The bank must have made an evaluation and needs to be positive.


What investments can be financed?

The guarantee can be given to all banks that finance companies' investments in Norway. Both the exporter and the subcontractors can benefit.

GIEK guarantees for loans granted for investment fixed assets in Norway. The guarantee is intended to contribute to the realignment of the mainland industry, thus it is not applicable to, oil and gas industry processing plants, real estate development and infrastructure projects.



The investments should trigger exports, that is, the investment should lead to sales that are directly or indirectly export-related. At least 50 percent of the resulting revenue must be from export.

The guarantee is given on market terms, and GIEK shares the risk on equal terms with banks.

  • Maximum maturity is normally up to 8.5 years, but varies by sector.
  • Normally GIEK will cover 50 percent of the bank's risk.

Standard terms for all GIEK guarantees

Read more on the application process.


How does the guarantee work?


How much does it cost?

GIEK requires a premium for the guarantee, which is equal to the bank's risk premium and on equal terms. For certain types of financing, other costs also apply.


How to apply?

Please contact GIEK's guarantee employee below. Digital application form for this guarantee will be available after the summer vacation.

Do you have questions or want to apply?

Ute Borghardt

Senior Vice President